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Solutions for Better Quality Management

Solutions for Better Quality Management

Any company in the world can definitely benefit from good old fashioned quality management. Whether you are producing assless chaps or if you are producing origami instructional guides, is there really any question that they need to be the best they can be? As your business gets bigger and bigger, you will discover that it […]

Get to Know Your Wastes

Understanding exactly what lean manufacturing is does not take rocket science, nor does it take a conference of 10 experts to bear down to the standard principles. Merely put, lean production is the accomplishment of the best efficiency and success for a company by removing the wasteful techniques and activities that are commonly present in […]

Quality Management That Sticks

Hello and welcome to Quality Management that Sticks. In an industry often seen as dominated by men, the virtues of femininity can take an unfortunate back seat. The thesis of this blog is that the manufacturing industry can benefit from a woman’s unique perspective. More and more female quality managers are stepping up the plate […]