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Hello and welcome to Quality Management that Sticks. In an industry often seen as dominated by men, the virtues of femininity can take an unfortunate back seat. The thesis of this blog is that the manufacturing industry can benefit from a woman’s unique perspective. More and more female quality managers are stepping up the plate and leaving their imprint in a positive way. This blog will try to understand what it all means while examining the industry as a whole from a woman’s point of view.

Meaning Of Lean Manufacturing

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Specifying Lean Manufacturing

Understanding exactly what lean manufacturing is does not take rocket science, nor does it take a conference of 10 experts to bear down to the standard principles. Merely put, lean production is the accomplishment of the best efficiency and success for a company by removing the wasteful techniques and activities that are commonly present in business routines.

Initially glance, some companies make love with the idea of embracing lean manufacturing since of its elegant sounding name. However, if reality be informed, it’s really simpler than seems. Exactly what you just need to have is the dedication and the discipline to see things with and make modification happen.

First off, let us determine exactly what the leading seven wastes business identified as the reasons for the production delays, big costs and, eventually, bankruptcy filings and hostile takeovers.

1) overproduction
2) transportation
3) movement (procedures that do not need to be conducted).
4) inventory.
5) processing.
6) waiting time.
7) flaws.

These are the essential reasons why most firms typically fail. For instance, with defects, rather of concentrating on attaining the finest quality output at the shortest time frame, some companies waste effort and energy into taking a look at and fixing equipment and technique problems and issues. If the kinks had been addressed in the first area and the trouble nipped at the bud, such an unnecessary activity would be removed.

Meanings of popular lean manufacturing terms.

If a business desires to fully comprehend what lean production is, it needs to first acquaint itself with several of the popular technical terms associateded with it. Don’t let these words frighten you off.

Cellular manufacturing.

This involves the connecting manual and equipment operation to accomplish the most effective and cost-effective mix that would extract optimal value from a particular activity and method, while decreasing wastes at the same time. Cellular manufacturing is generally U-shaped and flows in a single pattern.

Kanban System.kanban system

This is a pull method that uses color-coded cards connected to parts to be able to make sure the smooth flow of the manufacturing process. A ‘pull technique’ just indicates the consumer’s interest is foremost, rather of you as the manufacturer dictating exactly what the consumer need to have.


This is what the clients wants to spend for. It is the duty of the lean manufacturing approach to deliver exactly what the consumer wants exactly.

Pull system.

This involves the replacement just of items that have actually been consumed or diminished.

Take some time.

This is identified by the consumers’ rate of demand. The taking of time is exactly what sets the manufacturing pace and matches it with exactly how terribly consumers require the item provided to them. It is often referred to as the heart beat of lean production systems.